The world first Museum dedicated to Love is coming to Verona

What is Love?

The Love Museum has its roots in this question, exploring the historical and cultural meaning of the most discussed feeling since the beginning of the mankind. An artistic journey starting from ancient times and leading to the present day, reflecting on how social influences and cultural topoi intervene in the representation of this feeling.

The Love Museum is the brainchild of a will to treat Love, a universal feeling common to every human being, in a unique and original way.

A framework with the power to aggregate generations beyond the political spectrum, age, religion or social background.

Love Museum’s Structure

The Museum of Love is being born in Verona in a historical location in the city center.

It will extend over 1800 square meters , giving life to the most moving and exciting love stories by more than 500 famous couples from all over the world, starting from ancient age to the present day . The interactivity and multimediality will be central to the development of thematic routes . There will also be refreshments, shopping and children area. In a few months the construction of the Love Museum will start and you will be able to follow the work in progress step by step till the opening day, by staying updated through “A Museum‘s Diary”

Love Museum all around the World

Couples in Love

Square Meters Museum Area

Why a Love Museum?

To introduce Verona internationally as a destination for the new union between Love and Culture.

To create employment.

To ensure even greater tourist turnout than the already optimal one in the city.

To create a real tourist hub: multilingual information services for the city, tour and cultural events’ organization

For more guests at accommodation facilities: single-day tourists visiting Verona, would invest several hours discovering the Love Museum and thus they could wish for a second day in order to discover the rest of the city.

To give Verona a unique project and reconfirm the city as the Capital of Love and Culture.

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Our Team

The conception and creation of the Love Museum in Verona is an idea of a young professionals’ team who work in arts, communication and design. The team worked to the conception of the Museum in each single detail since 4 years, supported by world-renowned experts in the field of museum arrangement and international relations.

If you wish to get in touch with a staff member, write to
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Working with the Love Museum means working with culture and maybe you are the one who is missing!

Check out the vacancies and even if you do not match the requested criteria, send us your application anyway, we will evaluate each one carefully.
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minimum 3 languages required (+ ITALIAN), interpersonal and sales skills.


Minimum 3 languages required (+ITALIAN) and previous experiences in the field.


Electricians and maintainers for arrangements and supervision